Life for me has been a wonderful journey with Jesus. Nearly 45 years ago my best friend, Larry, an awesome, godly man joined me on the journey. I’m abundantly blessed with four married children and twelve grandchildren. Pleasures in my life include family, flowers, bubble baths, the ocean, dark chocolate, cats, travel, baking, snorkeling, gardening, good books, and good friends.

Through the years, I’ve been an at-home mom, taught high school, worked from home and outside the home, home-schooled our kids at various times, and been a pastor’s wife for nearly four decades. Although the Pacific Northwest is home, we’ve happily lived in Monterey, California, and had the incredible privilege of living overseas, as missionaries in Uganda in the early ’90s, and in business in Sydney, Australia in the late ’90s.

Now I’m retired, which only means that I don’t currently earn a paycheck from anything I do except writing and continuing to age (thanks to the Social Security Administration).

To borrow a thought from the great movie, Chariots of Fire, “When I write I feel His pleasure.” I hope what I write will bring you some pleasure as well!

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Kay Lee said:

    I enjoyed the story of the earrings. Several years ago I bought a set of silverware for 4 and a set of dark blue towels and washcloths with light and dark blue stripes. I sent them with my daughter for a friend’s wedding in Panama. My daughter attended and reported back that someone from Wisconsin bought the identical silverware for 4 more settings and light blue towels that matched the light blue stripes.

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