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ImageTwelve months ago, I joined the online community known as the “blogosphere.” It’s been an interesting year, some of which I’ve written about. Here’s a snapshot of the year for “A Borrowed View.”

  • Total posts: 36
  • Total views: 3,022 as of 5/20/13.  (For those of you unfamiliar to this realm, that’s an infinitesimal number. There are blogs that get millions of hits each DAY.)
  • Viewership: Readers from more than 40 nations. How did people in Bahrain, Chile, Switzerland or Botswana find the blog?
  • Most-viewed post: “Hi, Jesus”
  • Post receiving the most comments: “Weeds, and other disorderly growing things”
  • Most popular topics: God, family
  • Pleasant surprises: unexpected connections with new friends/readers and people I’d lost touch with
  • Greatest challenges: a) taking life (and blogging) too seriously, b) balancing writing time between blogging, writing articles for actual cash, and my book project.
  • Unexpected bonus: A request to forward my recent post, “Welcome to the World” to a private school parents’ group in Uganda, for use as a starting point for discussions on sexuality

I recently re-read my “Welcome” page, which states the purpose for the blog. That purpose is still valid a year later, because God and His Word are the constant backdrop of my life, and my desire is to point to Him.

To all of you who have made comments, “liked” posts on Facebook, or sent me an email to tell me that a post was thought-provoking or encouraging, I give my heartfelt thanks. Your communication means more than you’ll ever know.

Here’s to another year of meeting in cyberspace!