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William Bruce Bowman, our thirteenth grandchild, entered the world at 7:58 pm, Saturday, May 4th. He joins two delighted big sisters, Ava, 2, and Emily, 5.Bowman kids

As I cuddled him recently, I breathed his sweet newborn scent and watched his sleeping face, with its fleeting frowns, smiles and grimaces. His smooth head, with its cap of brown hair, fit perfectly into my cupped hand. I stared into his face while I listened to his chirps, sighs and hums. His cries usually start with a squeak, but can accelerate in sixty seconds to a lusty bellow that impacts the entire household.

I marveled that just hours before, he was safely cushioned in the warmth of his mother’s womb, rocked by her easy stride, comforted by the steady rhythm of her heartbeat. The 3D sonogram had confirmed his gender, but we hadn’t yet glimpsed his slender fingers with their tiny complete fingernails, or noticed the pale skin of his feet, extra dry from the additional week he spent in utero.

As I gazed at this brand new human being, I was awestruck by the whole process of Nana 13conception, pregnancy and birth. It’s intriguing enough that a random glance between a young man and a young woman sparked interest and led to romance, courtship, and marriage. But it also led to the arbitrary uniting of one sperm with an egg, and grew against huge odds into this warm little body, still reflexively contracted into his womb-shape, with all his potential for laughter, wit, passion, intelligence and influence in our world.

William’s birth is something of a miracle. Jennifer, his mom, was diagnosed with a brain tumor at age nineteen, and the hormone link with this tumor left her doctors questioning her ability to bear children. With God’s grace and intervention, he has blessed our family with three “miracle” children, and a healthy mom/daughter.

This little boy’s parents will bring him up to believe that God created him for a purpose—that his birth was no accident of passion, but part of the amazing eternal plan of the Creator. They will help him understand the truth of Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

These timeless words are not only for baby William, but for any of us who are willing to believe the truth of God’s promise.