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“Look at this one, it’s your color!” I held up a coat in a beautiful vibrant orange.

“And my size!” said our daughter Rebecca, looking at the label.

She had been looking for a raincoat that wasn’t black, brown, gray, or out of her price range. At the local warehouse store I’d seen some raincoats in blue as well as neutral colors, so we made a quick trip while she was visiting us from Baltimore.

She tried on a blue coat first, but it wasn’t quite right. Then we went to the other side of the table, and lying neatly on the top of all the stacks of other colors was one orange coat. When she put it on, it fit like it was tailored just for her. The classic lines and detachable hood clinched the deal.

We turned back to the piles, finding it hard to believe that this was truly the ONLY orange coat. There was no other orange coat anywhere on the table.

Rebecca's CoatRebecca and Ben live their lives constantly acknowledging God’s presence and His goodness, so there’s no doubt in our minds. The orange coat is one more example of our Heavenly Father opening the windows of heaven to pour out a blessing.