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One of the things I enjoy most about spring is finding surprises in my garden. Flowers bloom at times and in places that I don’t expect, lifting my heart as I drive into the driveway or look out the windows to our back yard.

Snowdrops (2)A few years ago I was puzzled when clumps of snowdrops bloomed in late January–I didn’t remember planting them. A few days later, as I stared out through late winter rain, I suddenly remembered my last visit to my parent’s property the day before new owners took possession. I’d put a shovel and some empty pots in the trunk of my car, hoping to get a few souvenirs from Dad’s garden. I filled the pots with violets and starts of lilac and flowering quince. At the last minute, I dug up some unidentified clumps of strappy green leaves. Now, nearly a year later, those green clumps produced the first flowers to bloom  in my own garden, pristine white bells nodding above early spring snow.

This year, one of the surprises was the unexpected blossoming of a clump of Bear’s Foot Hellebore. Its bright chartreuse is a nice contrast to darker green ferns and the brown back fence. While I vaguely remember planting it sometime in the past, this was its “ta-da” appearance.IMG_1374

Unfortunately, not all the surprises are welcome. Major surgery two years ago prevented normal garden maintenance, allowing weeds to successfully mount a distressing coup d’etat. I’m reluctantly considering retaliating with weapons of mass destruction.

Considering both pleasant and unpleasant revelations as spring progresses, I think about unexpected surprises when life’s seasons change. Sometimes in the busyness of daily living, I forget the work that God has done in a particular area of my life. When there’s a change of seasons, and I find myself flourishing in unexpected places. Alternatively, if I neglected a particular area in a previous season, I may find negative thoughts or attitudes sprouting in unexpected places.

What surprises are you finding in this season of your life?