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As a stunned world watched in horror, news unfolded last week of the shooting of twenty children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown , Connecticut, just days after a mall shooting near Portland, Oregon that left three dead.

“How could this happen, again?”

“What terrifying forces were at work in the mind of the shooters?”

“Are we safe anywhere?”

Our hearts break as we see photographs of primary-school victims with shiny eyes and gap-toothed grins. We try to comprehend the excruciating pain of parents who waited outside the school, only to learn that their child will not walk out to hug them. We don’t want to imagine the nightmares that will haunt the “first-responders” who were on the scene.

School children singing, Pie Town, New Mexico ...

We grieve that these lives ended too soon, that they will never know the joys of puppy love, or driving a car, or getting an A in a tough class. Our society is poorer because their contribution will be missing.

As I pondered this tragedy over the past few days, a question came to my mind.

What about the other children who were killed on December 14, 2012?

The Others…

On December 14, 2012, and on December 13, December 15, and every other day this year, more than 3,400 babies were killed in abortion clinics in the United States.

Those deaths did not make headlines, were not the topic of every newscast for days, nor did they prompt a Presidential appearance in a small town. Photos of these little ones will not appear in People magazine or be posted on YouTube.ultrasound pic (1)

These children will never learn to ride a bike, have a crush on the boy who sits beside them in Biology, or marry the girl next door. We’ll never know how they might have impacted our society. Our economy will continue to suffer because they, and the other 1,200,000 babies aborted this year in the USA, will never be in the workforce.

As we continue to grieve and pray for the families and friends of those affected by the tragedies of last week, let’s not lose sight of the fact that there are children dying in every community,every day of the week.

Will we mourn them also?