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The Stash

At this time of year, I often think of the special stash of gifts my mother kept ‘hidden’ on a shelf in a back closet of my childhood home. That’s where MoSTashm stored the special things she’d found on sale throughout the year and squirreled away for birthdays and Christmas. I’ve followed her example, and have always had my own special place to stockpile toys, books, and gifts I find that will bring pleasure to my children, grandchildren and friends.

The other day I was reminded that God also has a stash of good things for his children. Here are two versions of Psalm 31:19:

You are wonderful,  
and while everyone watches,
you store up blessings for all
who honor and trust you.
  Contemporary English Version

What a stack of blessing you have piled up
for those who worship you,
Ready and waiting for all who run to you
to escape an unkind world.
   The Message

We may have read this in the past and had a “That’s nice” response. But I believe God wants us to access those blessings, regularly! It would be silly for me to keep adding to the gifts on my shelf and never give them out. My joy is in the giving, not the stockpiling. In the same way, God intends for us to receive, open and enjoy his blessings. The clear message of Psalm 31:19 is that the blessings God has stored up are to delight us, and to show others that he’s a loving and bountiful Father.

The Key to the Storehouse

So how do we access the stash God has for us? I believe thanksgiving is the key. When a small grandchild wraps their arms around my neck and says, “Thank you, Nana!” I’m ready to head out shopping again.

It’s no accident that we’re encouraged to give thanks more than one hundred times in scripture. Giving thanks acknowledges God’s work in our lives, and shifts the focus from our needs to His supply. The more we acknowledge that all good things come from my Father’s hand, the easier the key turns.

At this season, when we acknowledge the Greatest Gift given to mankind, it’s my hope that you’ll access the unique storehouse of blessings that your Heavenly Father has been piling up for you. It will bring delight to you, to Him, and let everyone know his goodness.