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New understanding bloomed in my mind like an unfurling bud as I read and reread the timeless words in Romans 5. “…we have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ…”

Peace, with God?

The holy, majestic Creator of the Universe? The Giver of all Life? The One Who holds the universe together with a thought? The Ultimate Ruler of all mankind?


Considering a peace-able relationship, concepts float into my mind. Comfortable. Accepting. Stress-free. No guilt or shame. No competition or restlessness. No weight of unmet expectations.

We know ourselves. We may be aware of selfish thoughts, impure motives. Un-considered deeds, unkind words and resentful attitudes can haunt our memories. While we may not have committed murder, sin is sin–it all separates us from God.

Because of Jesus, we can step out of the fraying cloak of our attempts at goodness, our misdirected efforts to please. We can walk through the purifying shower of Jesus’ atonement, and approach the Father without uncertainty or fear.

As we come near, we see the love in his eyes, and the welcoming body language as he leans toward us. Like a beloved toddler, we can clamber up into his lap and rest our head against his shoulder. His loving embrace settles us, we can relax.


With God.