Lilies started blooming in my garden this week. Each summer I look forward to their opening with great anticipation. They’re one of my favorite garden flowers: easy to grow, spectacularly beautiful, blissfully fragrant.

The Oriental lilies currently opening have been in pots for many years, allowing me to shelter them in winter and move them to the most visible locations in summer. Other lilies I’ve planted directly in the ground have had a short life span; their tender bulbs are apparently at the top of the “superfoods” list for local moles and gophers.

Not content with just viewing them in my border, I cut a few stems and added other flowers for a fragrant mid-summer bouquet: white “Iceberg” roses and pink “Geoff Hamilton” roses, “Pee Gee” hydrangea, and a drying flower head from “Star of Persia” allium, a new garden addition this year.

I’m grateful I’m not allergic to the fragrance of lilies–even with chronic sinusitis, I can smell their aroma in every room of the house! Just inhaling their scent transports me to a place of joy and contentment. What a pleasure this morning to awaken to the delectable aroma of lilies, instead of diesel fumes from the quarry dump trucks continually passing our back fence!

I encourage you to “consider the lilies…” Perhaps it won’t be long until new technology allows me to share not only the verbal description and visual images of my lilies, but also their amazing scent.