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It’s easy to acknowledge God’s hand in our lives with the big things: a promotion, an unexpected windfall, or restored relationship. But for me, the most convincing evidence of his providence and care is when I see God in the details.

“I love your earrings! Where did you find them?”

The earrings were the first thing I noticed when I hugged my daughter Rebecca at the Baltimore airport. They were made from the handles of antique silver salad forks, with a lovely Art Deco design. I immediately thought of my missionary friend Vicki, who had recently told me she preferred silver jewelry. The earrings would be a perfect Christmas gift to send to her in Uganda.

“A shop on The Avenue has them for sale. We can go there this week,” Rebecca replied.

The next day, we dodged rain showers to visit several eclectic shops in the trendy Hampden neighborhood. The shop that sold the earrings was a wonderful hodgepodge of vintage hats, unusual jewelry and unique décor items. We didn’t see any of the earrings I wanted, and asked the owner about them. He said he would be getting more silverware, but didn’t know what the designs would be. I ordered two pair, and he agreed to have them ready soon. When we returned a few days later, he have finished three pair. I immediately dismissed one pair as overly ornate, but bought two others that I liked.

Back home, I stood in front of my jewelry box with a pair of earrings in each hand. I couldn’t decide which to send Vicki and which to keep for myself.  One pair had a center design, the other had a decorative edge. I remember sending up a quick prayer, Which would she like best, Lord? I made my choice, then wrapped the small box in festive paper, and included it with a bar of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate and a few other treats.

Mail to Uganda is slow, and it was February when I finally got an email acknowledging the Christmas gift. Her message brought a smile to my face and a lump to my throat.

“The earrings are gorgeous!  Did I ever tell you that I think that design may be my mother’s silver?  I don’t remember mentioning it, but suspect I must as you couldn’t possibly have chosen that particular pattern otherwise!”

God is in the details.