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This spring, more than ever before, I’ve been struck with the extravagant abundance in creation. I’ve seen this in the profusion of petals in a fragrant peony, the copious buds of my white “Iceberg” rose, and even in the unwelcome proliferation of “Lady’s mantle” seedlings that have overrun my flower beds. On my morning walk the other day I saw an unexpected example in the crowded clusters of cones on a pine branch, where I would normally expect only a few cones.

When I consider the lavish abundance in just the plant kingdom, I’m astounded. There are 25,000 species of orchids, and hundreds of varieties and colors of bananas.  I’m delighted by being able to choose from a dozen kinds of apples at my local produce market, but was astounded to learn a few years ago that there are actually more than 7,500 kinds of apples growing on the planet. In heaven, I hope to taste them all!

Unfortunately, there’s often a disconnect between what we see from the hand of God in creation and our expectation for our own lives. As my awareness of abundance increases, I’m chagrined at the thoughts that sometimes try to take root in my mind. Will there be enough? I need to frequently remind myself that God’s word tells me that he’s actively involved in my life, and he’s lavishly generous, never tight-fisted.

As I pull yet another nomadic seedling from my flowerbed, I remind myself that this bounty, this unstinting supply, is further evidence that as His child, abundance is my present inheritance. It’s continually available, but it’s up to me to receive, enjoy, and share.